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How do we innovate together

A simple definition...
The design thinking is an approach to innovation centered on the human. It allows us to solve design problems by understanding the user needs and combined with agile method develop solutions to respond to those problems. In a broad sense, the design is thought to YBC Agency as a state of mind than a process.

How do we innovate

Empathize with your end-users in reaching out to them and observant Study the ground deeply: Human Factors, economic, technological Nuance, we look at what people do, not what they say they do. As developers, we must understand our audience better than he understands himself. The only way to achieve this is to develop a deep empathy for their habits, beliefs and whims, bypass strategies ...

Interviewing, constantly ask "why" until it becomes almost as awkward. Then again reapply once or twice ...

Thanks to this method we obtain:
Latent needs and non-consciously expressed
Deep material to fuel our work

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